• Pediatric Massage Therapy

    Therapeutic massage can help to align a child with optimal development. Massage practiced regularly can help a child reduce stress, which can in turn may help the child to learn better at school and to sleep more soundly

  • Classic Balinese Boreh

    Balinese Boreh is a healing treatment traditionally administered in Balinese villages by rice farmers after a long day of hard work

  • Javanese Lulur

    One of the great secrets of the Javanese Royalty is a luxurious body scrub believed to be one of the nature’s best exfoliating methods

  • Face Acupressure and Head Massage

    An innovative fusion of Indonesian acupressure massage with traditional Indian head massage that helps promote a youthful appearance

  • Fancy Reflexology

    Fancy Reflexology is great combination of foot acupressure and full back massage. Foot acupressure will restore body energy flow, release toxins, improve your health

  • Sundara Sensation

    The perfect massage for healing and relaxation, performed in a unique blend of 3 massage techniques: Thai Oil, Shiatsu, and Balinese Massage

  • Traditional Indonesian Massage

    Indonesian massage is strongly therapeutic and regenerative. In our Indonesian terminology these techniques in healing, revitalizing, calming and soothing the client’s body we call “pijit” or “urut.”

  • Traditional Balinese Massage

    Balinese oil-based massage is a full-body, deep-tissue, holistic treatment. This unique, culturally rich, ancient Asian body work has been practiced for centuries

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