Pediatric Massage Therapy

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Pediatric Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage can help to align a child with optimal development. Massage therapy can act as a stress buster for children, even when they have passed the stage of infancy. Children have their own exposure to stress, which can come from school, family quarrels, or even playtime with their peers. This stress can cause imbalance in the immune system and hormonal imbalances as well. Massage practiced regularly can help a child reduce stress, which can in turn may help the child to learn better at school and to sleep more soundly.

Massage Therapy can help kids:

• improve sleep patterns
• alleviate growing pains
• correct muscular imbalances
• improve motor skills
• decrease aggressive behavior
• enhance self esteem (body image)
• improve digestive function
• allow for improved focus and attention span
• improve child-parent bonding

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Children are constantly developing at their own pace. Many children struggle with anxiety, depression, insecurity and trauma that can have a systemic effect on their bodies. Having a safe place with a parent and professional who respects and reinforces healthy boundaries and nurturing touch can allow a child to relinquish the defense mechanisms and allow their digestion, sleep and breathing to return to normal.

Safety, trust and comfort are very important with any massage therapy session (especially pediatric massage therapy). Children can feel much more comfortable if the first time they visit the office, there is no expectation of touch. I invite parents to schedule a ‘meet and greet’ at no charge to get acquainted with me and the treatment space. This tends to decrease the anxiety of the child for the first treatment.

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Using deep tissue massage and manipulation of the face and neck we stimulate muscle fiber and nerves to boost collagen production to visibly lift and revitalize tired and wrinkled skin.

The Benefits:

lower stress hormones and feelings of anxiety while contributing to a healthier immune system.

Massage helps ease tension and pain in developing muscles that make motor skills possible.

According to Early Child Development and Care, preschool and primary school children performed better on an IQ test following a 15-minute massage than they did from reading books. Massage improved function in the brain, resulting in increased alertness as well as speed and accuracy during math problems.

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